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Powerballs remarkable sports, fitness and rehabilitation qualities coupled to the pure, addictive fun that it creates during use all make for a very exciting 'me too' experience which has seen product sales literally skyrocket over the past 12 month period alone.

One of our biggest sales avenues therefore has been from our own [existing] valued customers who return to purchase more of the shiny spheres for friends and colleagues who have themselves become addicted to the experience of using NSD Powerball and simply won't give the [original] one back!

To accommodate such demand, we have engineered 4 individual tiers of purchase to allow you bring the NSD Powerball experience to your own world in a very realistic way.

Your options are therefore as follows:

1. Purchase the product in quantities of 11-25 pieces and avail of further reductions to our regular volume pricing. For vat, tax and shipping purposes, different regions can equate to slightly different pricing, but regardless, you can be sure that you will receive a very attractive price per unit if you decide to buy in these numbers in one single order. Payment is also easy; once you have confirmed that you wish to place an order with us, we simply forward you a link to our secure Worldpay payment page where most of the details for the order have already been filled out for your convenience.

Please use this form to request a fast price quote

2. Purchase the product in a single case of 48 pieces. Our new 'reseller package' - this offers the opportunity to purchase NSD Powerball at a wholesale price for those of you with an existing retail channel or those who see the significant sales potential offered by the exciting little spheres and simply wish to test your existing marketplace with the product. This method has become very successful as it allows you to earn a quality profit for a small initial outlay on a product which will literally sell itself!

Please use this form to request a fast price quote

3. Go for gold - avail of our full distributor option! Here is where you want to launch the exciting NSD Powerball experience in your own country - have an existing route to market, have the resources, the know how, will realise that the product is a winner and want to 'rock and roll' right away! Well, come on board with us and share our resources, our endorsements, our experience; millions of NSD Powerballs may already have been sold but we haven't yet even scratched the surface of the potential that exists [worldwide] for this product so we will be delighted to have you on board if you are made of the right stuff and are fully committed to taking NSD Powerball to the people! Typically, the package involves the purchase of a specific quantity of our superlative 250Hz product range whereby you'll immediately enjoy a very generous margin in addition to full distribution exclusivity within your marketplace.

Please use this form to request a price quote

4. Our new Affiliate program. NSD Powerball is one of those products that seems to 'fit right in' to many different retail markets. It is a sports tool, a fitness product, a rehabilitation instrument and an amazing gadget for the big boys of this world! In this regard, it can easily align itself to many existing websites without any difficulty and therefore represents an opportunity for further revenue streams without any additional work! Simply place a link from your site to ours and should your visitor traffic make a purchase you'll earn a commission from each sale. Our new affiliate program launches shortly and we'll be pleased to have you come on board to join with us in promoting the splendid spheres!

Please use this form to sign up!

If any of the above options have whetted your appetite for getting involved in the world of NSD Powerball then roll up your sleeves and get stuck in! The market for hand gyros is exploding right now and NSD Powerball leads the way in terms of quality and pure downright enjoyability!

The web has opened doors for us faster than you would ever believe and its a thrilling experience to watch as our 'little baby' populates corners of the globe that we would bet you hardly knew existed let alone could spell!

It doesn't matter to us whether yours is a large company or a small company - whether you are an individual or a group of 100's - if you love these little spheres as we do then we want you on board with us and will greatly appreciate your efforts to spread the good word on what will definitely become the next Rubik cube!

Please click on any of the above form links and fill out your details to let us know about your requirements - tell us everything there is to know about yourself and we'll be as open and transparent in our response. All inquiries will be responded to quickly, but please be aware that we address correspondence personally and with the full attention that each valued query deserves so please allow us the time to do this properly.

Trusting that this is in order therefore, I personally thank you for your consideration of NSD Powerball and look forward to any further questions that you might have for us going forward.


Rory McLoughney
Managing Director,
RPM Sports
(More about us)



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