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350Hz Metal Powerball

350hz Metal Powerball - Pure Perfection
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Phenomenal Power
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Exquisite Proportions
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We have no confirmed date for availability regarding the Lightweight rotors at present. However if you would like to be informed of any news regarding availability, please send a blank email message to metals@powerballs.com. Just as soon as we have any further updates, we'll be sure to get in touch!

Presenting one of the World's most perfectly engineered products!

Flawlessly finished in a magnificent mirror-chrome, this remarkable gyroscope offers the serious Powerball enthusiast a spin experience like absolutely no other.

At almost twice the weight of the Neon or 250Hz models, the 350Hz Metal exerts an extraordinary force on the arm and wrist and will test even the fittest player.

(Imagine getting the head of a sledgehammer and spinning it in your hand at a modest 5000rpm..you'll quickly get the idea of what we are talking about here!)

Initial 350Hz Metal Powerballs will be shipped with a silent running but very high density metal composite rotor (such is its mass, even Akis has struggled to exceed 12k) - a lower density but fully blown 'screamer' rotor will ship soon after and promises potential speeds in excess of 20k (with the sounds to match!) and some serious Powerball action in the Top100 board!

These superlative 350Hz products are supplied with a full compliment of replacement components to help you maintain their silky smooth performance indefinitely - the sphere has been precision engineered to allow it screw apart at the centre for easy access to the internals.

And when we say 'flawless chrome' finish...we mean flawless!


350Hz Powerball Metal is like a mirror!
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To compliment such a magnificent product, we present it to you in a unique and totally transparent 2-piece magnetic display case which will please the most discerning tastes..(we promise that when you are not spinning your new 350Hz Powerball, you are going to be happy just sitting there looking at it on the desk :-)


An awesome product in every way!

Click here to see the current World Leader Akis on a gentle workout with his Metal Pro!

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