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Adventure Cyclists
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PowerBall Minileagues
UK Powerballers
A scoreboard for all UK Powerballers! (Are you up for a challenge?)
Liga Espanola
Esta liga es para todo los Españoles amantes del Powerball.
Over 50
Live long and precess! (49.4 just won't do)
Ventana Medical Systems
MiniLeague for employees of Ventana Medical Systems in Tucson, AZ.
United States
usa stands tall lets show em how we spin that ball
Barnet Powerballers League
This is the league for all 250,000 inhabitants of the London Borough of Barnet...Come on you fools, spin those balls!
LINUX ballers
A league for all Linux users
Polish Speed League
A MiniLeague for all polish people. "Podejmij wyzwanie z najlepszymi.." W miejscu kraju piszcie swoje miasto.
Portugal league
The league for all the Portuguese powerballers. Força Portugal
powerball under 20s
under 20s
King Charles I School Powerball Crew
A club only for members of King Charles I School that Powerball. Spin On!!!
NZ Powerballers
A scoreboard exclusively for Kiwis. Show us what you've got!
Swedish Powerballers
This scoreboard is for swedish powerballers only. Enjoy!
South GA Ballers
If you represent the 229 or the 912 - bring it.
Danish Powerball score
For de få danskere, som er bidt af en powerball
Suomen PowerBall-pyörittäjät
PowerBall users in Finland: Visit IRC Quakenet #powerball
Virgina Power Ballers
Power ballers of the VA
South African Powerballers
Showing the rest of the world how its done!!!
Aqui é para o pessoal que vem ao Caipirinha tentar bater o record da powerball no Caipirinha
Mexican Powerballs
If you are mexican and like powerballs, this is your place
IKEA IT Powerballing
The best powerballers of IKEA IT
l33t gamers
MMO, RTS, RPG, or FPS... Let's own 'em up cause we're the best!
North Carolina Tarheels
Tarheel Ballers
The League for Romanian Powerballers
Norsk Kraftball Klubb
NKK members only!
Oracle Norway
Keele University Powerball League
The leuge for students at Keele University, UK.
scores Israel
R.S.A. Ladies Minileague
Stomping ground of the South African Female Powerballers.
M25 Powerballers
Scoreboard for all people living around the M25 - like Barnet and Potters Bar. Keep spinnin' those balls!
Whitley Bay High School League
Any student of Whitley Bay High School may enter, aslong as they put their class and name,if these factors are not met then they will be excluded from the list.
LUXEMBOURG powerballers
Cyprus Powerballers
Mini-League for the European Island of Cyprus located in the Mediterranean Sea.
Under 17s
For those who's muscles arent as developed as adults
University of Plymouth, UK
The best in the southwest
Wicked Lasers Users
Wicked Lasers users!


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