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Take the<br />Powerball Challenge

Ok, we want a good clean fight now, you hear? Just fill in the columns below and we'll do the rest once we've verified that all is present and correct with those scores! (Oh, and please take a quick peep of the rules below before you submit - especially if your score is 14K or over!)

Whoa! Hang on a second - I want to know more about this NSD Powerball thing! What on earth is it?

(oh, and one last thing...if you are about to submit a score of 15360 and were hoping you had a new world record on your hands...please have a quick read here first!)

Submit Your NSD Powerball High Score
 Scoreboard where you would like to be listed
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Zip/Postal Code
  (state 'none' if unavailable)
Do you wish to subscribe to our free newsletter? YesNo
Sport Practiced
Score achieved
Date achieved (d/m/y)
Witnessed by
Have you placed on our board previously? YesNo
If you have previously submitted to the scoreboard, please let us know to prevent duplicate submissions.
Previous Score
Image Verification

Enter the characters shown in the image above exactly.

Please make sure that the image size is under 100dpi and doesn't exceed 400 x 400 pixels in size at this point...(you can try sending a larger version but if it doesn't make it onto the board you'll know why! :-)
If video evidence is required, please indicate the website where it is posted, or if you are emailing the video please indicate this here.

As always, some terms and conditions apply.

(Well, actually, there are only 6)

1. All score images (being uploaded using the above form) should be no greater than 400 x 400 pixels in size (200 x 200 is the ideal!) - as the text above advises, if the score image is too large, it can sometimes fail to upload on our systems and as a result, your score will never appear on the board!

2. Any scores being submitted that are over 14K will need to be accompanied by a quality video showing a NSD Powerball run of at least 98% of the score submitted. The video must have sound in order that we veryif its authenticity and ensure that it is not a result of a counter error. The video should be emailed directly to: webmaster@powerballs.co.kr (and not uploaded using the above form!) and is necessary purely for verification purposes (so please don't use a camera phone or low quality digital camera in these cases, the images are just too poor and we reserve the right to refuse the contri.)

3. From Jan 1st 2005, any score being submitted that ranks as one of the Top10 slots or which will be leading the board as part of the monthly competitions for the highest scorer, must be accompanied by a short video clip (MPEG, WMV, Quicktime etc.) depicting a score of at least 98% [of the value] of the main score being submitted - eg. if your score submission was 14500 then we will also require a short clip showing a zeroed counter followed by a score of 14500x.98=14210rpm (or higher) - again, this video clip should be sent to webmaster@powerballs.co.kr (and you should look your best in the clip as we will be putting it on site for all the world to see...fame and fortune will follow shortly after!)

   Top100 League Video evidence required for scores over 14k.
   Metal League Video evidence required for all submissions.
   Strength Index Video evidence required for scores above 17k.

   Ladies League Video evidence required for Top 10 positions.
   Ladies Strength Index Video evidence required for all submissions.
   Ladies Metal League Video evidence required for all submissions.

   Dual Run Video evidence required for all submissions.

4. Prizes won't be awarded to the same person twice. If your record score remains unbeaten the following month(s) then the NSD Powerball prizes will go to the highest new entrant of that particular month. (If you manage another record breaking run and hand the ball to a buddy for the photo we can't stop you, but we'd hope you'd not be so dishonest...)

5. The judge's ruling on whether we think someone has been acting the maggot with the scores that they present to us is final. If we think that a particular entry smells a little funny then we reserve the absolute right to ignore it.

6. If you find yourself in the fortunate position of achieving a new World Record Score (and big congratulations to you if you do!) then there are a couple of procedures that we must follow to fully determine the accuracy of the claim. These will be mailed directly to you once we receive the record breaking score but basically consist of a water tight verification system to ensure that the name up on the top of the board is there because the owner is the world's top NSD Powerballer...and not the world's top Photoshop user ...and that the ball they are using is operating correctly. Essentially, the main thing we need you to do at time of submission is to get us a video clip of you in action with a score of at least 98% of the [higher] score you have achieved earlier (better still if you actually manage to capture the record itself in the clip!) and also to make sure that the record score remains on the ball and isn't wiped before we have an opportunity to inspect it at first hand!

The NSD Powerball Top 100 is becoming quite a popular spot and we take our position as board moderators very seriously - we thank you for your co-operation on this!


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